NCW chairperson's misconception about the Sacrament of Confession in Catholic Church

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Due to the recent news about the ongoing probe into the sexual scandals of few priests in the Catholic Church , the NCW chairperson is of the view that the priests pressurise innocent women into forceful confessions leading to blackmail and alleged sexual harassment .

The above findings of the NCW is baseless, misinformed , immature and also put forth due to total ignorance of what the Sacrament of Confession means.

I request the NCW to first understand fully how the system of Confession works in a Catholic Church then come out with an allegation if at all there are any. If a person goes for a psychological counselling and if say the psychologist takes advantage of the victim by blackmail can it mean that the whole psychological counselling must be abolished ? There are loads of examples to quote but I hope you understand the essence of my argument. Just because an individual does something wrong that doesn't mean that the whole community is doing the same and it is a serious mistake from your part to hurt our religious sentiments by recommending to abolish confession in Catholic Church based on your misguided and narrow thinking .

Hence I request the Chairperson of the NCW not to put forth such statements in future without thoroughly investigating the matter and also apologize to the Catholic Church for your misguided statement that you have made against the church Sacrament.

I also request the honorable prime minister to look into this matter in a more broad minded approach and not react to misguided and ignorant petitions submitted to your office .