No reservation on caste basis

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I was living in a hostel for the past 2 years. My mates obviously were from different communities. I was amazed and really shocked to see that those who belong to a very very high cultured and rich families wanted reservation just to get admission in a good college. Children of rich businessman,  IAS,  doctors, etc. Wanted reservation. Is this justified that you ll be reserved just because u were born in some particular community. If someone needs to be reserved,they are all those poor people who are economically weak and such people are found in every community. It will even help in bringing secularism and equality. Even the protests like the one in haryana could be avoided. Please help. In The old times, agreed that there existed something like backward and superior caste due to the then social dilemmas. But, today we are living in the 21st century and we talk about getting reservation everywhere just coz of the caste we belong to. Stupidly interesting. Your kind help and support can only help our people, our country and can furthermore help in the development of our country.