To Strip the former senior social worker chief of staff of all honours and her OBE.

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My late social worker Margery Urquhart was appointed OBE in London by HRM The Queen on her services for child welfare and child protection. Margery was employed by Special Branch for some years as an expert in 'counter- espionage' she was the First female Secret Agent recruited by HQ MI5. Sadly she died before she could be arrested by C.I.D to be questioned, on her later career as Children's Welfare Officer for the former Grampian Regional Council in Aberdeen. She was a keen farm cow hand in agriculture with no skills or qualifications in child care law and or child protection at the time of her long career. Her father was a farmer in Milton of Culloden in Inverness Scotland. This brought her into direct contact with members of my family who worked on farms at the time. As as result such entrapment for many gypsy children were wrongfully taken into care, from their loving parents and families to be placed into care never to see their mothers or fathers ever again. This and other matters concerning the deaths of children under her care, and the deaths of other parents sparked major concerns due to her skills in counter- espionage.

When abuse of children in care was indeed covered up, under her command she was promoted to the rank of Chief of Social Work and was highly respected by members of all Scottish local councils in that period of time, she would take many thousands of children into care. She was born on the 27 August 1912 sadly died in may 2007 in Aberdeen refusing to answer questions. The Prime Minister of the UK should order that there must  be a full investigation into the affairs of  the late Margery Urquhart, to establish if children were being abused under her official care and to investigate deaths linked to her job as social work chief for Aberdeen Regional Council. She established many children's homes and foster homes in her aims to take as many children into care, destroying the very core to family life for millions  of children and also their parents.

Accordingly there has been no investigations on the problems faced by those children and their parents while in care. It is a fact that many people died during the period when Urquhart ruled in her power over Scotland and it would appear at the time' she was the ideal mother to so many and she named us her children, we were not her children. She was awarded the OBE by HRM The Queen it should now be revoked. While there is a full public inquiry into historical abuse of children in children's homes and  also in her foster homes due to so many injustices still prolonged today. 

It is maybe right to remove her memorial from her resting place at Tomnahurich Cemetery due to the concerns of her many victims that are subject to civil proceedings today. However this must be approved by the Prime Ministers Office. 

I ask that people share and support this petition and sign it so that I can make sure that the Prime Ministers office investigate matters further and revoke the OBE from the subject in question.

Many Thanks

Peter  Stewart Kelbie 

Former care client 1963 to 1983. Aberdeen