Making life easy for senior citizens

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Dear Pradhan Mantri Modiji /

Dear Finance Minister Arun Jaitlyji,


We the senior citizens want to lead a peaceful and respectable life after retirement After serving out our life for so may years for the progress of our country, we want to live comfortably within the savings we made during our working life, not depending on our children. The only earnings we have is from the bank deposits which we made with all our life savings, earning some interest to carry us through rest of our life. We want our government to take care of us during this period by making the following.

1. Abolish the personal income tax for the senior citizens. This will help us to a great extend. Increase the limit of taxable income to Rs.10 lakhs since many of us are under this limit and their main source of income is bank deposits. Those who have taxable income will continue to pay at the existing rates.

2. Remove TDS from the various bank deposits which is our main income.

3.Remove all bank service charges for the senior citizens.

4. Presently you have a scheme for senior citizens deposit which gives 8.6 percent interest, the period of deposit being 5 years and the maximum amount is Rs. 15 lakhs. Please increase the interest rate to 10 percent, also extend the period of deposit to 10 years and increase the maximum deposit amount to Rs.30 lakhs. This will fetch us a decent amount to live on, especially when the cost of living has increased, the medical expenses have doubled and all other costs have escalated many folds.

5. Make available medicines with 30 percent discount. The medicines are the life saving food for many of us.

For having served the nation in various fields, we sincerely expect our government to make our lives simple and comfortable.

Dear Prime Minister Modiji, you also being a senior citizen, we all hope that you hear our pleading sympathetically and help us. GOD bless all of us. GOD bless you to live long and take forward our country to great levels.

Looking forward to a favorable decision, we remain


Brindavan Paradise Senior Citizen Foundation