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Expedite Brexit Negotiations and Stand Firm

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"There are many views offered as to how the Government should proceed with negotiations to leave the EU but most do not reflect the opinions that count; those who voted to leave in June 2016. In the largest vote in UK history, a significant majority of the electorate voted to leave, quite simply. Article 50 was triggered and negotiations should proceed with all speed as mandated by the electorate.

Calls on the Government for "clarity" are meaningless. Whilst the EU negotiating team insist on delaying talks whilst making unreasonable and impractical demands, there can be no clarity, nor any definitive leaving date. There is little point in making concessions which only lead to the EU demanding more. Instead, the Government negotiating team need to take a firm stance in the national interest and bring "clarity" to the EU negotiators. The U.K. WILL leave by April 2019.

Whilst negotiations continue, we demand that the following guidelines are followed.


1. You must be ready to walk away. If the EU team do not believe you will, then they will negotiate accordingly.

2. A transition period should (a) be a last resort (b) not a minute more than absolutely necessary and (c) in no case longer than one year.

3. There must be no more compromises until we see movement from the  EU. The Prime Minister's  Lancaster House  Speech set out reasonable positions the UK would take on citizens' rights, etc based on reciprocity from the EU. There has been no such reciprocity from the EU so it must be made clear that any concessions offered to EU citizens living in the UK are contingent upon the safeguarding of the rights of UK nationals living within the EU .

4. After April 2019, the ECJ will have no jurisdiction over the UK whatsoever and this includes reference to EU citizens living in the UK who will be subject to UK laws just as any other foreign national living in the UK.

5. We will not pay to access the single market no more than the EU would pay to access the UK market.

6. Freedom of movement must end in April 2019.

7. The U.K. must be able to negotiate free trade agreements with countries outside the EU and be able to sign them from April 2019."

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