Create a National Day for litter picking across the UK

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Sooner or later, like it or not, we have to face the fact that PLASTIC is slowly destroying this planet. It's difficult to go anywhere and not see it. In the hedgerows, along riverbanks, on our beaches, our residential roads and streets, High Streets, along main roads and side roads. AND in our oceans and seas. Watching the last Blue Planet series was a wake-up call to many people of the vast quantities of plastic in our oceans. If we don't change things it's predicted by 2050 there will be more plastic items in the sea than there are fish. Fish ingesting plastic means almost certainly, a long lingering death. Whilst many people are pressurising producers to stop the unnecessary plastic packaging we also need to clean up the UK and the shoreline from all the plastics laying around. The 'Great British SpringClean' was launched in early March this year and is already making a huge difference. An Army of 300,000 people collected an estimated 1,500 tonnes,  but there is so much more plastic still laying around. I propose we have a 'National Litter Pick' day, at the end of the summer too, maybe September.

I am a regular litter picker along the beach where I live and people tell me they are embarrassed to do it unless it's an organised event, because they feel it's not something they can do on their own. Well lets make it an event, A 'BIG EVENT' where people across the UK are doing it too. Please sign this petition and share it.