Stop Helicopter Operations at #GlidingCenterPune

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Stop Helicopter Operations at #GlidingCenterPune

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Kent George started this petition to The Prime Minister and The Aviation Minister of India

Historical #GlidingCenterPune under THREAT due to Helicopter operations by Pawan Hans Limited.

Pawan Hans Limited is a helicopter service company based in New Delhi, India and has its operations based at the Juhu Aerodrome, Mumbai and provides its helicopter services to ONGC.

The #GlidingCenterPune at Hadapsar, Pune is under the administrative control of Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

DGCA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pawan Hans Limited for the Development of a Helicopter Training Institute & Heliport at #GlidingCenterPune.

#GlidingCenterPune is the only gliderdrome in Asia and a historic organization established to strengthen the Indian Gliding Movement

#GlidingCenterPune was established and inaugurated by the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 07th November 1950 just 9 months after India became a sovereign republic and had the opportunity to experience a glider flight. Germany donated gliders to strengthen the Indian Gliding movement for the development of youth in the field of aviation.

Role and Objectives of #GlidingCenterPune in Indian Aviation

#GlidingCenterPune being a historic airfield for gliding has always played a pioneering role by training maximum number of Flight Instructors (Gliders), glider pilots and many a prominent personalities who started their flying career with gliding and later becoming Air Force pilots and Commercial pilots.

Even today #GlidingCenterPune continues to contribute pilots to the Indian Air force, NCC Air wing and Commercial Airlines both nationally and internationally.

The primary objective of #GlidingCenterPune is to propagate air-mindedness amongst the youth and largely as a constructive and adventurous activity for the development of the youth. It has always been man’s dream to fly like a bird since time immemorial and it is here at #GlidingCenterPune wherein thousands of Indians have had the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and experience flight at an affordable cost.

#GlidingCenterPune is a nodal organization for development of aerosports activities

Gliding Summer Camps have become a hit in Pune for student having appeared for 10th or 12th board exam. This camp is generally conducted in the month of April for a duration of 1 week per batch. The aim of this camp is to expose the students to aviation and its various career options in aviation.

Every year the staff and pilots at #GlidingCenterPune invite physically challenged children and integrate them into the main stream of our Indian society who due to lack of exposure and ignorance are confined to minor vocational trainings.

Present Scenario

#GlidingCenterPune being the most active and productive gliding establishment today in the country is struggling for its existence and would perish for want of support (technical and financial) and threat of Helicopter operation.

World over aero sports activity have demonstrated an upward growth, comparatively aerosports in India is yet to take wings. India being blessed with the natural bounty climatically and geographically has the potential to supersede other nations in aerosports as there is no dearth of talent.

With added support from the public and the government of India, gliding and aerosports activity would get a quantum boost favoring youth development and national interest.

Many Indian professionals who have had the opportunity to travel to other countries and having seen the facilities and infrastructure provided by their society feel cheated by their own country, resulting in young talent migrating out to these countries. We have failed to generate a sense of belonging for our own country.

The Vision of our leaders to establish gliding centers in every possible district of India remains a distant dream with not many gliding clubs active in the country and now the only #GlidingCenterPune is under threat.


While our country has taken steps towards, propagating sports by means of Olympics, National and Commonwealth Games and substantial financial resources allocated for these one-time events; a small fraction of this is fully justified at being allocated for infrastructure for development of aerosports. Aerosports is nowhere on the horizon and the entire lobby has been continuously struggling for its survival. Lack of infrastructure and liberty to reach the sky has largely curtailed aerosports growth in India.

#GlidingCenterPune is the last known bastion for Sports Aviation in our country and may die for want of support from the Government and the public.

There are many unused airfields in India which can be utilized by Pawan Hans to setup its MRO facilities. The existing Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) facility at Raebareli can be used for setting up and imparting Helicopter Training with very little infrastructure; thus also saving tax payers money.

The collective opinion of experienced glider pilots is that helicopter operations will eventually KILL gliding and #GlidingCenterPune. (Restriction under Section 12)

As per the Gazette of India, #GlidingCenterPune is declared as a gliderdrome and ONLY suitable for Aerosports activities like gliding, powered gliding, hanggliding, powered hanggliding, paragliding, paramotoring, aeromodelling, skydiving etc.

The public is requested to join and support the pilots and #GlidingCenterPune in this campaign which would be in National Interest.

Jai Hind

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This petition had 835 supporters