Calling for the resignation of Senator William Fraser Anning

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Senator Anning, in his maiden speech, alluded to the horrendous acts perpetrated by the Nazi Party against Jewish people and other minorities throughout World War 2 when calling for a "final solution" to Muslim immigration. Now, in light of the shocking and deeply regrettable mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, targeted at people of Islamic faith in (at least) 2 mosques on a Friday afternoon, Senator Anning has one-upped himself, producing an open letter that, in essence, flaunts his white supremacist views in blaming a religion that is "simply a violent ideology." The Senator's views are simply archaic and untimely, and though we assert the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion that Australians are (largely) able to enjoy, these comments will certainly fuel the hatred and division that causes such social atrocities. 

This petition began from a humble Facebook post in "HSC Discussion Group 2019" that, within two hours, garnered well over 100 comments, 300 reactions and nearly 30 shares. This told us that the youth cared, the youth were listening and the youth were, frankly, disgusted. Most of all though, the youth wanted change. Coinciding with the Climate Change Strike that many school and university students attended the same day,  it was clear that the days of disenfranchised youth are over. Instead, we hope to champion real change in seeing a more representative parliament that would not promote such divisive discourse fuelled by such derisive statements.

Though we are aware of Senator Anning's democratic election and role within the Government, and that his resignation may be unlikely, we view this platform as one capable voicing our dissent and disappointment in him, and thus hopefully evoking some tangible change.