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Free Jordan Gardner started this petition to The Presiding Magistrate - Newcastle Local Court

On Thursday February 2nd 2017, a story broke internationally via the National Post (link) explaining how our dear friend Jordan Gardner was allegedly badgered and violently threatened into transporting a large quantity of a controlled substance to Australia over a year ago.  In December 2015, Jordan was apprehended in Sydney, Australia and subsequently charged with Importing Commercial Quantities of Border Controlled Drugs.  He plead guilty to the offence and has been held in a maximum security prison awaiting sentencing ever since.

All of you who know Jordan can attest to his kind, loving and gentle spirit and the fact that an offence like this is completely out of his character.  Jordan does not belong in jail and many of us are wondering if anything can be done to help our friend in this horrible and unfortunate situation.  Below is a Character Reference addressed to the Presiding Magistrate at Newcastle Local Court in Newcastle, Australia where his case is being heard.  Please sign this petition or if you would like to write something more personal feel free to use the template as a base and send a signed pdf copy to freejordangardner@gmail.com.  All signatures and letters will be forwarded to the Presiding Magistrate in Newcastle, Australia.

Please share the link to this petition with all your friends and family who know Jordan or anyone who would like to help with his cause and see him come home.

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April 5th 2017

The Presiding Magistrate - Newcastle Local Court

                     Re: Character Reference for Mr. Jordan Gardner

Your Honour,

I provide this reference in full knowledge of Mr. Gardner’s charge, Importing Commercial Quantities of Border Controlled Drugs.

In the years I have known Jordan, he has always been a loving and caring friend with a passion for making those around him smile.  He often did this on the dance-floor through the sharing of great music and was an avid supporter of Toronto's blossoming music community.  It is for this reason I was shocked to hear of his offence and it is one I truly believe to be out of character.

Jordan is a man of strong integrity.  His level of motivation and willingness to succeed were always of inspiration to those around him. Since he has been away, a great void has been felt in our community for so many who considered him a friend.

Based on my relationship with Jordan, the events that have led him to this current situation are extremely irregular.  As a result I am confident that he has a willingness to come out of this situation with a newly restored and positive outlook on life.  I believe that he will use the lessons of this ordeal to help others when faced with making their own positive decisions in the future.



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This petition had 1,284 supporters