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Improve the Mental Health System

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I am starting this petition not just as a person who works in the Mental Health System but as an individual who has loved ones who are affected by Mental Illness. I began my journey working in the Mental Health System in 2006 and over that time period I have come to find out rather quickly the limited resources that the system has to offer individuals with this disease. Not only do the professionals who work in this field struggle but families and most important the individuals who suffer from this illness are more often not given the opportunity to live successful lives and those resources to do so. The hardest thing in our society at this point is the stigma and the lack of knowledge people have regarding the topic of mental illness and what happens to this individuals when they are not given the best care that you and I are provided when we need help. There are too many tragedies occurring in our society today that have been linked to mental illness and therefore I am asking everyone to put yourself in the shoes of a friend, loved one or anyone who suffer from this disease or who is affected to become an advocate and educate not only yourself but the people around you that the issue of mental health needs to come to the forefront of our society. A lot of these tragedies could be avoided if there was more money and resources for people who live with this debilitating disease and that have sought help but only have been denied access to treatment. I ask everyone to put themselves in the shoes of someone who has mental illness and advocate for them so that they can live a good quality of life.

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