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Stop Drone Attacks Around the World

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term “terrorism” is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” and the term “terrorist” is defined as “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims”. Also according to the Oxford English Dictionary the term “murder” used in the form of a noun is primarily defined as “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another”.
“The laws of war permit attacks during situations of armed conflict only against valid military targets. Attacks causing disproportionate loss of civilian life or property are prohibited. International human rights law permits the use of lethal force ONLY when absolutely necessary to save human life. Individuals cannot be targeted with lethal force merely because of past unlawful behavior, but only for imminent or other grave threats to life when arrest is NOT reasonably possible. “(extracted from “US: End CIA Drone Attacks” Human Rights Watch December 19, 2011)
The purpose of the Drone attacks that are conducted through the CIA and fully supported by our government is to kill alleged Al Qaeda members who pose a threat to U.S. national security without losing our own human resource and avoid the killing of innocent civilians in the area of action.
Primarily there is little to no evidence being submitted that these so called alleged Al Qaeda members are an actual threat. Lawfully there should be evidence and a trial for each of the alleged members to prove if they are an actual threat or are being unlawfully accused. Hence a solid justification for each target killing and therefore Drone attack is mandatory. We are not being told what is rightfully ours to know and we have reason to question this because it concerns many lives that are or could be innocent.
Secondly and of even more concern, although we may not be losing our own human resource through this method we ARE killing innocent civilians in the area of action. Thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians including not only men and women, but also very young children are being murdered. On April 6 2013 in Afghanistan 17 civilians including 12 very young children were killed due to a drone attack. Many children across have lost their limbs and arms and many are barely making it through. They are innocent. They are us. Why are we allowing this to happen? These children, these men and women are innocent and they are dying and suffering because someone chose to press the big red button. This is inhumane, it is monstrous, and this is a crime. Why are thousands of innocent people being killed and generations being destroyed to stop enemies we haven’t even truly seen? To add to this all of the countries that are suffering from drone attacks are developing countries(Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and others) all of now who are in an even worse position than before. People are lucky if they can get enough food to survive and all they have is each other. To the world these poor families may only be another group of individuals but they mean the world to each other. Now we, a supposedly civilized world superpower, are destroying that world and giving it back to them in the form of a pile of ashes. We have just destroyed everyone and everything they ever cherished. We destroyed what made them smile. Their purpose of living.
What if this was happening to us? Would we be this quiet? Would the media ignore the thousands of innocent women and children dying? What if that was your child? What if that was your mother? Your father? What if that was your niece or nephew? Your uncle or your aunt? Your grandmother or grandfather? What if that was the person who you loved more than anyone or anything? What if that was your world? What if that was you?
How would you feel?
We have seen 9/11 where about 2,976 people died, may they all rest in peace.
Over 2,500,000 people including children have died in wars justified by 9/11 and not all of them were terrorists. The majority were innocent just like those who died on 9/11. May they all rest in peace.
What are we doing? Is this justice? Is this what America stands for? Bloodshed, violence, and destruction? We are creating hate where there once was respect. The U.S. was thought to be a place where everyone is treated equally, where everyone gets a fair chance, a fair trial. A place where there is tolerance and respect no matter of skin color, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, or any other possible labels. The U.S. was considered ideal. That’s what it was supposed to be according to the constitution.
Right now, we fit under the term “terrorists”, we are spreading “terrorism”, and we are doing “murder”.
Our actions as a nation are not justifiable and what we are doing is illegal.
Not to mention unethical, inhumane, and corrupt.
Isn’t that what we were supposed to be trying to stop?

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