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Will you share the real story of Thanksgiving with your Friends?

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This is important because "Capitalism has been the enduring engine that helped to create every convenience and luxury that we enjoy," since 1623, and the only time it falters is when government rules and regulations get in the way.

"Thanksgiving and Capitalism. ... a history lesson that every American should know well, if their education was provided by Americans who truly care about America - the story of the origin of Thanksgiving and Capitalism, as described by Governor Bradford, Thanksgiving, 1623:

Commenting on Governor Bradford's story, the author explains that the "basic problem with its inherent need for coercion" because people are not all the same. And, it's "not true that private enterprise is naturally greedy."

He explains that love of self is an important precondition to helping others. "If I do not love myself, I will not be able to love my neighbor." Which leads to the conclusion that the socialistic teaching that "providing for myself and my family [in Capitalism] is exclusive of wanting to do well for other people" is patently false. And "a tragic misrepresentation of both spiritual and economic truth."

Upon arrival in Plymouth, December 1620, in a mutually agreed attempt at survival, the Plymouth Colony tried 'collectivism' for two years; the first year the best they could, the second with planting skills learned from the indians. But "many starved and died of Famine" because many men, especially the young and able, felt working for others was a form of slavery, or that the work was not equally shared, or that the effort was not equally applied. Overall, collectivism created great discontent, and rather than bringing them together in mutual support it did just the opposite.

So they decided "to divide the property and fields of the colony, and gave each family a piece as their own. Whatever they did not use for their own consumption, they had the right to trade away to their neighbors for something they desired instead.

Now, instead of sloth, envy, resentment, and anger among the colonists, there was a great turnaround in their activities. Industry, effort, and joy were now seen in practically all that the men, women and children did."

Governor Bradford wrote in his diary, "Indeed, their bounty was so great, that they had enough to not only trade among themselves but also with the neighboring Indians in the forest. In November 1623, they had a great feast to which they also invited the Indians. They prepared turkey and corn, and much more, and thanked God for bringing them a bountiful crop. They, therefore, set aside a day of “Thanksgiving.”"

This is the real story of Thanksgiving, a holiday grounded in Capitalism, and the root cause of our country's great success. ((110) With an introduction written in religious terms to best explain the interconnected moral attributes of the lesson.) "


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