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We should defund the TSA and replace them with private screeners.

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Houston, Texas
Sept. 28, 2011
To: Barak H. Obama, President of the United States
From: William N. Touzani, TSA Officer

Mr. President,
I’m writing to you directly with my grievances towards my employer TSA on the eve of my removal from service. As a proud American, I served my country with loyalty and dedication in the aftermath of 9/11 by joining the TSA and the fight on terror. After publishing a book about the TSA and Airport Security, with full knowledge of the FSD and his assistants, I’ve now been targeted for removal along with the evidence, while the cover-up for the truth is in effect.
I was an outspoken critic of the secondary screening process imposed on all citizens of Muslim countries, and have asked thousands of such passengers to write the white House and their congressmen. Being of Arab/Muslim decent, I had to listen to those passenger’s cries for many years, as they felt profiled on the basis of their nationality, sequestrated and paraded like convicts. You have finally ordered for the mandatory secondary screening to stop, and to be performed solely based on intelligence. This was a big relief for me and my race.
Now, I’m here to pick-up the pieces, by first being suspended from work as a result of my book’s publication, by being repeatedly denied promotions throughout my 9 years of service, and finally by being proposed for removal.
I have gone out of my way to make TSA look better, in spite of years of uncivilized and humiliating measures that played directly into the hands of terrorists. After all, if we take away a bottle of water from an old women, a bottle of apple juice from a child and throw it in the trash as they watch, this child will not want to be your friend.
Having more experience dealing with checkpoint airport security than just about anyone in the country, I’m convinced that this business should revert back to private security companies. Airport security is only about good technology and good customer service. This government masquerade, the politics of it all and the insane waste of resources and manpower has lasted long enough.
Mr. President, as I’m about to join the ranks of the unemployed, my only desire is to have you read my book “I’m Muslim, My Husband is TSA”. Thank you!
William Touzani

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