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This claim must be investigated by someone unassociated with the VA or DOJ

The people who investigated the FTCA claim were participants in the activities that necessitated the creation of the claim.

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The details of this controversy may be found at "2012 - Meier FTCA Claim and VA Responses (Second)"

Since E. Douglas Bradshaw and VA Office of General Counsel were involved in the original unreasonable and unethical suppression of facts and documents, and fraud upon the court, in order to finally fulfill its continuing fiduciary duties to prevent any harm to an enrolled Veteran by the illegal, unreasonable and/or unethical acts of VA employees and their agents, Mr. Meier's claim must be objectively investigated by someone who has never been employed by (or in any fashion associated with) the Veterans Administration and the Department of Justice.

Mr. Meier has merely demanded his legal right to the standard of healthcare set forth in numerous VHA written Directives and "Standards of Care" — the same standard of care guaranteed by the California Constitution, various code sections and case law. Rather than fulfill any of their legal duties, VA management and counsel resorted to suppression of evidence, fraud and perjury, all in an attempt to crush the patient to whom they owed such duties. Mr. Meier's treatment course encapsulates a wide variety of the obstacles Veterans confront after receiving substandard VA healthcare. Where could one find a more compelling illustration of why reform is so desperately needed?

To allow VA to escape accountability for this outrageous conduct is to condemn all Veterans to this odious standard of care. "Where there is no penalty for failure, failure proliferates."


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