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Support organizations that help to eliminate poverty in the United States

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Please sign my petition below. It will be sent to:
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It will demand that they do what is necessary to fund non-profit organization’s that run programs that will prevent over fifty million children and adults from living in poverty in America.

Every day we see people on the street begging for money because they lost their jobs and are unable to support their families. They were hard working parents that where supporting their families’ just fine before the crash of our economy and they lost their jobs and are unable to find gainful employment.

When I see them I just want to do what is necessary to make sure that they are able to support their families’. With programs like the ones run by Removing Mountains Ministries, Inc. they would be able to do just that.

The mission of Removing Mountains Ministries, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for those individuals and families in need who may not be able to provide adequate food and necessities for themselves.

They help people achieve self-sufficiency by providing food, school supplies, medicine assistance, vocational training and jobs to individuals or families regardless of race, age, disability, gender, immigration status, national origin, sexual orientation or religious belief.

They operate programs for those that need our help the most. They operate programs in many countries around the world. Financial donations are always urgently needed to keep these critical programs going if they are to continue their mission of assisting those who need our help.

As a nonprofit organization, they network with local food providers and community agencies in order to provide the best services possible.

With organizations like Removing Mountains Ministries we enable those that are unable to support their families like they always did before the economy crashed to do so. They take unemployed individuals and give them the opportunity to become self-sustaining.

They give them a hand up not a hand out by providing them with jobs, food, housing and the necessities.

They take a family that is dependent of public assistance programs and turn them into tax paying self-sustaining families saving the government billions of dollars a year.

Currently the government spends over 57,000,000,000 a year on SNAP program alone. That is and avenge of $3.17 a day per person on SNAP. Programs like the one run by Removing Mountains Ministries cost only $1.00 while providing a lot more food for the money.

The program that Removing Mountains Ministries runs would cost the government only $18,250,000,000 a year and would allow them to feed 57,000,000 individuals with 3 balanced meals and 3 snacks a day. This would save the government about $38,750,000,000 a year just on SNAP alone.

As a cost saving measure it make sense to fund programs like this plus it eliminate all of the fraud involved in the running of the SNAP program.

We all have come across children that are going hungry because their parents sell their SNAP benefits so they can buy drugs. It is not the fault of the children that they are hungry because their parents are using drugs. Programs like the one Removing Mountains Ministries runs would eliminate that because they would receive the necessities they need not SNAP benefits.

America being the nation it is cannot afford to have its most valuable asset going hungry. Social exclusion of the young is not acceptable. They are entitled to the same quality of life as all able bodied people.

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