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Stop the deportation of Anthony Crocock A# 098-301-770

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My name is Heather Hill-Crocock, a U.S. citizen, mother to 2 children and small business owner in Kennebunkport, Maine. It will not be possible to convey in writing the sorrow and angst I find myself in. This is a letter of true desperation and a plea for help.

I am writing on behalf of my husband of 6 1/2 years, Anthony G Crocock. Anthony is a native and citizen of Ireland and is currently on a stay of deportation until January 12th 2013, following his release from ICE custody after 24 days of detention and the denial of his Petition for Review before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

It is important to know that my husband and I have not spent a day apart other than for work obligations. He is the foundation to the family, and his removal will cause such a hardship that I cannot even find and adjective to put in front of it. It would be like a pebble to a pond, a ripple effect causing such burden to our family, our home, our business and a community that loves him. I will not alone be able to sustain our home and business. I am frightened and grief stricken.

I am absolutely compelled to share with you that my husband is a true hero. He has international peacekeeping awards with the U.N., as well as lifesaving awards within the United States. My husband’s life is committed to being an exemplary Critical Care Paramedic, (one of a small number in Maine) and since his arrival here, day in and out is on the streets saving American lives. He also is an educator in various pre-hospital fields passing on his valuable knowledge to others within the medical field. He embodies compassion and dedication to his community and family that is rare to come by.

So as an American woman, proud of her country and home. Proud of the values and integrity that we hold as a core to this land, that we must look at the whole of this man, his involvement to an American community, his love for our people and his courageous endeavors for those here in need. It is time we reach back to him. As we aim for the pursuit for justice we cannot ignore the greatness of this man and only look at one unfortunate decision. In 2004 Anthony checked a box on an employment form claiming to be a national in order to obtain work as a firefighter/paramedic. Anthony like the man he is, acknowledged his poor choice at that time and pleaded guilty to a false attestation on an I-9 form in that he checked a box claiming to be a US citizen or National after he was reported to ICE by a former acquaintance. He was then placed in immigration proceedings and an Immigration Court’s decision dated November 4, 2008 found that he was removable but denied his adjustment of status on the ground that he had not met his burden of prove on the issue of whether the completion of the form I-9 was or was not a representation of citizenship. It is important to note that the Court expressly stated that: “If the Court had to reach the issue of the waiver under212(h) the Court would find that he was eligible for the waiver and that there would be substantial hardship on his wife.” So to my dismay he was found removable on the grounds that he could not prove that he did not claim to be a US citizen. At no time has the US Government prosecuted him on a false claim to US citizenship, but in immigration court he was requested to prove that he had not done so, (We’re not saying you claimed to be a US citizen but prove to us that you didn’t.) therefore putting the burden of proof on him, a burden that can’t be met as he has to prove a negative and isn't that saying he is guilty until proven innocent.
The integrity and courage of this man is what our great country was built upon. Knowing he wishes to remain where his dedication and heart is, I beg of you to use prosecutorial discretion and/or reopen his case help with putting an end to his removal.

With all sincerity, I thank you for your time, I fully understand how precious it is.

Very Truly Yours
Heather Hill-Crocock

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