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Stop blackmailing on the internet.

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* Damaging information or damaging pictures of people are being posted online by blackmailers, without the other person’s knowledge. Money is then demanded from the victim by the blackmailer in exchange for removing the picture or information.
* The most common forms of blackmail information are mug shots and arrest records of people WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A CRIMINAL CONVICTION. They were either judged to be “Not guilty” in a court of law, or no charges were ever even filed against them. Still others have been convicted of an offense years ago, but have since squared their debt with society and believe that what’s in the past belongs in the past. Instead they are shocked to find their old mug shot under their name on "Google," "Bing," or "Yahoo."
* Internet blackmailers are misusing law enforcement resources at taxpayers’ expense, by requiring employees of law enforcement agencies to retrieve huge numbers of old mug shots and arrest records for the blackmailer, for no legitimate reason.
* The old mug shots/arrest records are sometimes also sold to the public, including employers, neighbors, friends, ect.,by the blackmailers.
* The results are devastating for people who either didn’t deserve a punishment to begin with, or who have paid their dues to society once.
* Such blackmailers may be found at,, and thesmokinggun .com, to name but a few.
* We implore that action be taken to stop blackmailers from abusing public records for the purpose of financial profit, at the expense of people needing to protect their reputations,and we thank you in advance.


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