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The President of the United States: Shut down the Stewart detention center in Lumpkin, Georgia

The Detention of Migrants is a multi-billion dollar industry. Immigrants are traded like products, for sale to the highest bidder. CCA, the Geo group, and the Management and Training Corporation combined own over 200 facilities in the nation with over 150,000 bed spaces. With a total profit of close to 5 billion dollars per year, private prisons profit like a hotel. The founder of CCA, Thomas Beasley, has said, " you just sell it like you were selling cars, real estate, or hamburgers." Private prisons rely on anti-immigrants laws to bring them fresh inmates. Every night an inmate is in these facilities they make $200 a night. The Stewart Detention center in Lumpkin, Georgia is the largest private prison facility in the nation. These facilities are paid with our federal, state, and/or local money. Since Governor Deal was elected in Georgia he was paid by the CCA to pass a harsh new immigration law so that they in turn profit off of it. Please if you agree -- sign this petition let people know we do not need this facility here!

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