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Require outside auditing of all healthcare insurance transactions

We all know the healthcare insurance system is totally corrupt. Claims are constantly denied five or six times so they can hold onto the money. There is no incentive for them to actually pay the claims. There is no incentive to clean up their systems so it actually works. Occupy Healthcare! Let's give them some incentive to clean up their totally one-sided system. Consumers - Are you tired of insurance companies denying coverage for your healthcare when you are paying them to provide this service? Are you tired of them pulling slimy denial tactics right before the major surgery? Providers - are you tired of your fees being lowered without your consent or participation? are you having trouble paying your bills now that electric and fuel and rent and insurance keeps going up every year and the healthcare insurance companies have the nerve to lower your payments without your consent? Are you tired of feeling helpless? Let's band together and present this petition to the state governments and to the CEOs of the health organizations. Bank of America back down when they try to raise their fees. Let's see what we can do to the corrupt monopoly of healthcare insurance, together.

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