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Provide Affordable Health Care to all US citizens

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To live in a country that is supposed to be the land of opportunity seems to be a fallacy of reality.  My Dad has worked as long as I can remember to keep food on the table for my mother, sister, and myself. Not once did my parents ask for government assistance. My dad would wake up to the 5 o’clock alarm every morning to work at the shipyard and come home exhausted at around 6 at night. I didn’t see much of my father growing up because he spent most of his time at work in order to pay the bills to keep a roof over our heads.


Well after 18 years of employment with a company that decided to let him go we moved to Florida to start a new life. My Dad only knowing shipyard work found a small company that worked on building casino ships and fixing private yachts. Soon after the recession hit a few years ago the company went under and my dad was left without a job and no insurance. My Mom also lost her job due to economic conditions. My Dad currently works for a private business that does not offer benefits but manages to pay the bills.


So as of today my Mom is 53 years old and my Dad is turning 55 both of which are not currently covered by health insurance. Sure you can say well buy private health insurance, well if you seach online one of the plans i found had a  $10,000 deductible on top of a monthly fee of $283.55  and the patient has to pay 20% of the total cost from Not to mention if there is a pre-existing condition the rates might go up or they might not be covered at all.


So let’s break this down:


-after a person pays the deductible of $10,000


-and the $283.55 a month that is $3402.60 a year


That is a total of: $13,402.60  just to have the plan.


If you divide the Total of $13,402.60 by 52 weeks in a year it breaks down to $258.00 a week $1032 a month just for the basic coverage of going to see the doctor, imagine what it would look like if there were surgery?

Also keep in mind that this is just a Quote!


·         According to  in 2011 769 billion dollars were spent on Medicaid, Medicare, and children’s health insurance program.  


Why is a portion of the 769 billion being spent on Medicaid recipients that recieve free healthcare! We need to make Affordable Health Care available to all US CITIZENS!


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