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stop taking our constitution away

It is important to me, my family and the rest of America as well. This petition is being started due to President Obama politically taking our constitution and bill of rights and taking them away from the people who made them. We as a nation should fear of being so-called "enslaved" by the ones who are supposed to be for the people by the people. I am not rioting and i am not obstructing any laws by starting this petition, the only thing i am doing is standing up for truth and advantage being taken of us during a horrific week in April that everyone was side tracked by horror and tragedy amongst the nation so that no one would contest what was being passed. I would like to have this petition to reach Obama himself so he knows not everyone can be like him and be silent and get away with whatever he wants and hide behind the secret service to do so.

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  • The President of the United States of America

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