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STOP Domestic violence against women

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It is estimated that between 960,000 to 3 million people are victims of domestic violence every year. One third of all women have experienced being sexually or physically abused by a boyfriend or husband. 324,000 women experience violence while they are pregnant each year.1,247 are killed every year at the hand of their boyfriends or husbands, the healthcare cost to care for people who are battered is $4.1 billion. It is important that we take care of our women and children.

The national data is clear that one of the primary reasons that victims return to an unsafe home is that they don’t have another economic choice, more needs to be done. The biggest part of this petition is getting the message out there about what abuse is and letting the community know that services and shelters are available. “Wouldn’t you want someone to make the call and get help for that woman in your life (whoever she may be)”? “Of course you would, and if you don’t model that to our communities no one is going to do so.” Until domestic violence is universally denounced to the same degree as drunk driving, women in the community will continue to be assaulted, abused and in some cases killed. I am a former victim of domestic violence and suffered it for many years (14 to be exact) and I can tell you that there was next to NO help for me in my community. I was beaten, stalked, and threatened with guns and I had nowhere to run. Running to my family was not an option as that was the first place that he would look. Not only do women need somewhere to go they also need to feel safe while there. Please help me in this fight to protect women and children from domestic violence.


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