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Make judges and social workers liable for tearing apart loving families

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This is an effort to reform Child Protective Services across the nation, not only in North Carolina. Currently there is a man with an open case in North Carolina who has been fighting for the past two years to protect his four young children from the physical, mental, sexual abuse that has taken place while they were in their mother's care. After the children were in his care for six months, doing well, going to counseling, working on their behavior and emotional issues, social services removed the children and placed them into the foster system. Over the past 1 1/2 yrs, social services is yet to have legitimate allegations as to why they removed the children, and has also admitted in open court that he is not the offending parent. He has been forced to complete a Physiological Evaluation, ADHD evaluation, Parenting Assessment, Complete Parenting Panel (covers all the previous mentioned evals again), forced to see a Neurologist for Seizure Disorder (against his disability rights). After all these tests, the DA stated in open court that finally after he completed the Complete Parenting Panel, they know finally have something to offer him (counseling due to him being upset/overwhelmed with social services). This was due to the fact that all the other tests came back with no problems found.

Social Services states that due to his 11yr old abuse on his know 17yr old son, that this is the reason for the concern. However he has had custody of his son since 2004 and this same child has admitted in open court that the charges on his father are false and never happened. That in fact his step-mother at the time had threatened a than 6yr old boy into agreeing with her and social services in order to protect herself from being prosecuted for abuse/neglect.

This petition covers many of the wrongs with our court system and child protective service system. Starting with stronger punishment for woman lying about domestic violence and abuse, making judges and social workers liable for lying and wrongful acts against non-offending parents, stronger oversight for social workers, requiring non-offending parents to be represented in court and required to complete recommendations the same as the offending parent. A non-offending parent should have the right to have their child handed over to them, without question, the moment a child is removed from the offending parents care.

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