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Make exploiting or importing products from tar sands fields illegal.

We must eliminate all policies and projects that contribute in any way to exploitation of tar sands.The damage done by such policies and projects is environmentally catastrophic and hence immoral. The development of sustainable energy systems should be emphasized instead of extreme and destructive carbon based energy.

Last summer over 1200 people were arrested asking President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline because it not only creates a near guarantee that spills will contaminate our water but also because the process of creating the tar sands bitumen that it would transports is far too environmentally destructive to be allowed to continue.  Supporting these 1200 people were 800,000 more that signed online petitions encouraging the administration to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.  Much to the shock of TransCanada and the other oil companies the government listened.  The pipeline approval was delayed and for the time being we, in the environmental community held the line. There is still a possibility of the this pipeline being approved but the publicity generated by our actions have made approval slightly more politically difficult.

Unfortunately, the effort to stop tar sands from being exploited does not end with Keystone XL.  TransCanada and it's fossilfuel allies will try every tactic they can to get their product to where they can make the most money by selling it.  A few of their other efforts can be read about in the links below:

Given these facts, it is insufficient to try and stop one pipeline if the oil industry will not stop trying to find way to bring this extremely destructive energy to market.  Therefore I ask that you sign this petition to make the import or exploitation of tar sands illegal.  If the US will not consume these products, it sends a strong message that destruction of priceless biological habitats is not an acceptable way to produce energy.  It also creates more demand for the renewable energy industries to supplant our current fossil fuel usage.



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