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cause it help tennessee keep courts down,help alot of people and help tennessee make some good money. It also make tennessee look good. free up courts, it would free up police resources and manpower to focus on violent criminals, rather than persecuting people for possessing and consuming a non-lethal plant – this will simultaneously free up prison space, and will bring the state much needed tax revenue, it would be better for everybody. The justice department said that  States can allow citizens to use the drug, license people to grow it and allow them to purchase it in stores. As long as the drug is kept away from the black market, children and federal property– It’s a go. Marijuana can help alot of people Please what got me own this is my pappaw he in so much pain medical could really help him out alot so please Legalize marijuana im not giving up im not backing down. I stand  for  the people in Tennessee  im not given up i keep this up no matter how long  it takes to legalize marijuana.

Letter to
Representative John Duncan
Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Bob Corker
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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Tennessee State House
Tennessee State Senate
President of the United States
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Legalize Marijuana in Tennessee