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Give us a Tax Credit for Vacations

Compared to people in other industrialized countries, Americans work longer hours, more weeks, and take little time off. We average 60 hours a week behind desks, at factories, or in stores, doing the work needed to keep our economy moving. We get home late, too tired to do anything but eat easy to prepare processed corn products instead of food, and watch television until we fall asleep. Only to start it all over the next day. And our national health shows the effect of this over-work, with rampant obesity and ill health. The high cost of treating the resulting health problems is crushing to our nation. What we need is a vacation. If I were in charge of the details, I think the tax credit should cover airfare, car rental, hotel bills, food, admission to attractions and activities, tuition at religious or spiritual retreat centers, or cost of nonwork-related conferences. I propose a $500 annual vacation tax credit for each citizen of the USA.

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