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Give clemency to TINA BROSIUS.

This is important because Tina Brosius was set as an "example", and overly charged for her crime. Her friends and family want her home, she deserves to be home.

Tina was a teen mom with a stressful life. She had 2 kids before she was 18. When she was 17 she got pregnant with her third child and hid the pregnancy because she was afraid. Her parents told her if she were to get pregnant again, she would get kicked out of her residence. One day in May of 1994, then 18 Tina's water broke, she went to a public park to have the baby in a port-a-potty, left the baby there, where the baby drowned and died

Tina knows what she did was very wrong and shes very sorry for her mistake she made when she was that scared teenager.

There are alot of different cases that are like Tina's or worse. For example, Ana Amelia Santos Cuoco was charged with 3rd degree murder with a 12-25 year sentencing for causing the death of her son and then placing him into a bag.. or like the case with a Middletown man who was sentenced to 7-14 years behind bars after the 2009 death of his infant son. Brandon Murray, 27, of Middletown pleaded no contest to the third degree murder of his five-week-old son, David Murray. Brandon Murray will be credited for three years of time he has already served behind bars. Murry was originally charged with homicide, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. So tell me why these people get a less sentence while Tina got life.. Those were just 2 cases, there are way more.

 Tina on the other hand has been incarcerated for 18 years for 1st degree murder without the possibility of parole, meaning the only way to get out is commutation; but only 3 (men) have been commuted in PA for more than a decade..

Tina has 2 grown daughters now, Kerri and Sarah who are 21 and 19 years old. Tina has missed everthing in their lives including them graduating from high school, all sports programs, all things mothers want to see first hand. She has even missed the birth of her grandson that Kerri had and is dying to meet him. She's missed all of their accomplishments, both girls are in college now, Kerri studying Criminal Justice and Sarah Child Care. Kerri is engaged, and living on her own.. And Tina hopes she could witness Kerri's wedding.. Tina loves her girls very much and dosent want to miss any more of their lives.

Tina herself has many accomplishments while she has been in Muncy, which include 2 years of college, a certificate in Upholstry, and to be a professional painter. Tina is now studying parallegal. Tina has been considered a "model inmate" and has never got into any serious trouble while incarcerated. Do you think Tina has changed? I sure do, not just that but grew up to be an intelligent woman. She's very much loved by all of her family and friends and church. People want to see her free. Tina has learned from her mistake and deserves a second chance at life!

Please sign this. Just want to get her name out there, we will NEVER lose hope.

Sincerely, Kerri Brosius (Tina's daughter)

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