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Fully and completely audit Bank of America foreclosures

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I am proof that Bank of America has systematically manipulated the modification process to deny and foreclosure on as many properties as possible.  For 3 years I have been attempting to get a modification for my home.  I am self employed and was extremely affected by the downturn of the economy.  I even made a call to them prior, as I knew it wasn't looking good.  Of course they could not do anything for me.  Since then i have been faxing, faxing, faxiing the same documents because they 'never received them'.  Then they approve me for a modification, give a trial period, I complete and they never finalize and then tell me I have to start over.  Then they start the denial process, no documents, but then I don't qualify.  Even though my financial situation starting improving their analysis came up worse than when they qualified me before with 2 mortgages and lots of credit card yet.  I have never heard of an analysis like that.  Then start pushing me into foreclosure again.  I am finding more and more people that have been through this and nothing is being done.  Our tax money bailed these losers and as a result we are the ones suffering and have to loose our homes so they can continue to post millions in profits?  I am tired that the people in our country are just giving in to these people in these large companies.  Unless we stand up for our rights, all we are doing is allowing these people to take more control of our lives.  And if you don't believe it look around at who is living it up and who is living it down.  Bank of America and its executive staff need to pay and loose their homes.  

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