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change the 7yr wait for felons to be able to get a job

it is important because a lot of felons out here deserve a second chance. and if they are willing to take the first step I feel we the people should give them a chance, and not make them have to wait 7/10yrs before they are able to get a job. yes they say they have companies that work with felons but they are hard to find. and if you do find one they dont have anymore openings due to the limitations of employers that are willing to work with felons. so what are they suppose to do while waiting this long period of are they suppose to eat and pay their rent and support their families they cant! because Employers wont give them a chance which causes a lot of them to go back to a life of crime to make ends meat. no its no one fault they got the felony on their background but everyone makes a mistake. I feel once they finished their parole or probation. they should be able to start over and not be judged for their downfalls and be giving a fresh start. one more thing just say they do wait 7yrs in dont go back to their old ways what company is going to hiring them when they've been out of work for 7/10yrs. what they're going to say is, well you have the skills and qualifications but we found someone more qualified(no-felony) and we are unable to train at the moment also I see you havent used your skills in 7yrs. why  because no employer never gave you a chance they all kept saying you must pass a 7-10yr background check


Kimberly Hawkins

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