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Don't allow mining on the Moon!

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The Moon doesn't belong to NASA, to businesses or shareholders, or to any one country. If it belongs to anyone, it belongs to all humanity, forever.

Mining on the Moon is not what's needed now; what we need is to learn to live within our means, as any individual must do. We need to begin living sustainably; letting go of this idea that unlimited growth is possible or desirable. It is neither.

So many people are living within their means, working to heal and mend the Earth where it has already been devastated by the greedy. People on all continents are downsizing, re-cycling, re-using, mending and making do. They are planting with a goal of restoring the soil, the air, the water. They are acting not only for themselves, but for all of us and for the generations to come.

These are the people who must be supported now, not the mindless greedy who have no understanding of the consequences of their actions to themselves and to the rest of us. They show no sign of caring and that is the hallmark of sociopathy.

Please act to stop the move to mine the Moon; support sustainability instead.

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