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The Truth

Jan 4, 2012 — Dear Ms. Castillo:
Thank you for your letter regarding horse slaughter and the humane treatment of horses. I share your concern for these wonderful animals and you will be happy to know that I co-sponsored the S. 1176, American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, a bill which would prevent the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Animal welfare is personally important to me. In this past Congress, I cosponsored several bills to protect companion animals: S. 714, the Pet Safety and Protection Act; S. 1880, which would make dog-fighting a federal crime; and S. 2439, which would require the Federal Bureau of Investigation to track animal-cruelty crimes nationwide. I also strongly supported S.1076, The Truth in Fur Labeling Act; S. 3841, the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act; and S. 850, which increases protection for sharks from the cruel practice of cutting their fins off and tossing the mutilated animals back into the ocean to die. I am happy to report that.....