Petition Update

Keep taxpayers from funding U.S. Horse Slaughter Inspections

The Truth

Dec 4, 2011 — Check to see if you have either a U.S. Senator or Representative serving on the Conference Committee that is currently debating the Agriculture Appropriations Bill. This committee will play a pivotal role in determining whether horse slaughter returns to the United States. You may have an elected official in a key position to help retain this important language defunding inspections of horse slaughter facilities and he/she needs to hear from you TODAY!
What You Can Do
Because Congress is acting on this issue right now, a call is the best option for having your voice heard. Place a brief, polite phone call to your legislator and say: “As a constituent (and if you own a horse let them know), I ask that you retain language in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill that bans the use of our limited tax dollars to fund horse slaughterhouse inspections. Maintaining this prohibition is of great importance to me and I will be watching for the final outcome.”