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Update on horse slaughterhouse reopening in your area

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Dec 2, 2011 — Posted at 12:27 PM ET, 12/01/2011
Horse slaughterhouses may return to U.S.

By Elizabeth Flock

Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption, now that Congress has lifted a five-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections. Slaughterhouses could be up and running in a month.

Cheri White Owl, founder of Horse Feathers Equine Rescue, in Guthrie, Okla., Tuesday with one of the 33 horses she is caring for. (Sue Ogrocki - AP) While the U.S. has no outright ban on horse slaughter, the USDA was forced to find its own money for inspections when Congress did not allocate the money. Without inspections, the meat could not be sold, and the horsemeat industry went away.

The USDA now says a slaughterhouse could open, however, to conduct inspections on meat that would be shipped to European and Asian countries, according to the AP.

Horse meat is a major staple in only eight countries, with China, Mexico and Kazakhstan at the top of the list, but those eight consume...