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Create Brianna's Law

At 5 months old a beautiful little girl from New Mexico named Brianna Mariah Lopez died after going through abuse and torture of unimaginable hights, especialy for a child her age. Her father and uncle would throw her up in the air hitting her head on the ceiling and letting slam onto the floor. They bit her and punched her and raped her on multiple occasions. Her mother also admitted to biting and pinching her child when she got frustrated. Her grandmother and other uncle who also lived in the home knew of the abuse and did ntohing to try to help this innocent child. She was covered from the top of her head to tip of her big toe on her right foot of bruises and adult bite marks and numerous other marks. This little girl knew nothing about what love was like. She was denied love and comfort from the day she was born she knew nothing but pain and suffering until one day her mother fell asleep after a few beers while her father and uncle murdered her. Her father recieved 57 years in prison, her uncle got 51 years in prison, her mother was sentenced to 27 years in prison and her grandmother and other uncle only recieved 60 days in jail. the story of this baby is the saddest ever read and it still touches people this day young and old. I am asking you to charge witnesses as if they commited the crime if they fail to report the abuse. and also asking that a crime to this extent deserves life in prison for all parties involved no matter how much they participated in the hanus crime. This little girl was only 5 months old when the people who were supposed to love her and protect her took her life from her after making her life a living hell. Please make it the law in every state that any persons involved in a child abuse crime resulting in death get life in prison without the possibility of parole no matter how much they participated and that any persons who witnesses this abuse and fails to report it is charged with the same crime and recieves life in prison with possibiliy of parole. Brianna suffered greatly lets keep it from happening to any more.

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