Clemency For Taquarius Ford

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Taquarius Ford was sentenced to 33 years without parole for a non-violent conspiracy offense and has been in prison since 2014. The conspiracy law transfers guilt from one co-conspirator to the next and only those who do not cut a deal with the prosecution end up with long mandatory minimum sentences. Individuals (like Taquarius) who believe in their innocence are severely penalized because they choose to go to trial.

Taquarius was accused of false and unmitigated allegations, much of which the media amplified through inaccurate reporting. The alleged conduct was never charged, nor indicted upon, and never ruled on by a jury.

Taquarius is the only son of elderly parents, a loving dad, brother and uncle. He has openly admitted to promoting independent escorts, but fervidly denies the underlying aspects of the charge. Taquarius has expressed a deep remorse for all wrong doing.

Taquarius is seeking a commutation of sentence. Since incarceration, he has fully given his life to Jesus Christ. He is an exemplary inmate with no disciplinary infractions. He has garnered many academic achievements and was selected to attend Duke University's prison to college program. For the most part our society believes in second chances. At least we say that we do. It is possible to challenge our propensity to punish. It is possible to have mercy. Please sign this petition.