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Change the DSM-IV-TR 309.81 PTSD to Post-traumatic Stress INJURY (PTSI)

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Post-traumatic Stress is a normal response to trauma. Originally termed Soldier's Heart during the Civil War, then Shell Shock during WWI and Battle Fatigue in WWII, this particular stress response was officially recognized (after copious studies of Vietnam veterans) by the medical community when included in the DSM in the early 1980s as “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.”

While the word "Disorder" is considered a "more neutral term" than "mental illness", Post-traumatic Stress Disorder has attained an unintended negative connotation by society, especially in regards to our active military personnel and veterans. Post-traumatic Stress is not a mental illness, which may be caused by genetics, disease of the mind, deterioration, etc. Rather it is a mental/psychological Injury and should be considered and treated as such. Post-traumatic Stress may be likened to experiencing a physical wound – it happens to normal people who have suffered a life-threatening or potentially injurious trauma to self or others, leaving one with a psychological wound – one that cannot be seen but is certainly felt.

By the simple act of changing the word “Disorder” to “Injury”, the stigma surrounding this diagnosis will be lifted and society may better understand that some sufferers do not to seek the help they need due to the negative societal perception.

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