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Bring back parole, probation, and shorten sentences on good behavior.


My name is Tracey Ebhamen, my mothers 2nd daughter. I am 20 years old, and the day they took my mother is still fresh on my mind like it was yesterday. January 22, 2010, my mother did NOT come back from the court house. 2-3 years later I have finally gathered enough courage and information to begin this long journey of finding the truth, and getting my mother justice. Please bare with me. I am just going to give you a quick brief summary of what this is all about. 
My mother is my best friend, my backbone, and the person I want to be like but better. MY MOTHER IS INNOCENT. She came to this country from Africa with one thing on her mind: Making sure that her children have a better life than she did back home, and doing it the right way. She started off as a nurse, then evolved into a business woman running her own schools. What better teacher is there than one that is an experienced nurse? A&B training academy (Anthony and Bose) was made by my parents. Its a school training students to be RNA, LVNs etc. 
My mother is known for opening a successful business, then moving on to another location and trying to do the same thing there. So she had to have people in charge of her businesses while she was not there. My mother is in prison because of over trusting someone she hired: Rhonda Fleming, a con, a liar, a cheater, a robber. My family is God fearing. My parents know little but just enough about this country to keep them out of trouble. Well at least my mother thought she did before she met Rhonda.(a 4 time offender) who testified in court at my mothers trial saying that my mother did not conspire with her or knew what she and her workers were doing. The only problem I have with that is, the lawyers said she isn't "a good enough person" to be able to testify??!? 
If I was Rhonda, and I just got sentenced to 30+ years, I would be bitter and mad and take anyone down with me...but instead..she testified crying and apologizing saying that my mother is truly innocent and didn't know what Rhonda was doing behind closed doors. When my mother was taken to jail, they took her from our family home. When they took Rhonda, I found out the confiscated cars, houses, etc. Its just not sitting right with me that I KNOW MY MOTHER IS INNOCENT but she is in jail. all these stories of people being exonerated after years and years (mainly black people) it shocks and kills me inside that she is in jail for trusting another woman in running her business. MY MOTHER IS TOO FRIENDLY, and TRUSTS to easily. MY mother CAME HERE WITH A CLEAN RECORD, RHONDA is not a FIRST TIME OFFENDER.(which my mother finds out when they start trials). ITS NOT FAIR. we have too much wrongs in our government, and law system and not enough rights coming out of it.  this is sad, and I'm scared for our future. 
Please help me bring my mother to justice. please, and expose the wrong in our country. My mother was taken away spring semester of my senior year. she didn't get to see me walk across the stage, nor help me dress for prom, nor take me on my visit to my college choice. She missed out on those mother daughter highlight moments of my high school year, please don't let my younger sisters experience that too. 
This is just the beginning, a brief summary. but please my mother is not a criminal. she may have been negligent and too trusting to see the darkness within Rhonda but she is not a criminal. I believe she didn't have a fair trial, key evidence was suppressed all the people put on this case with her are repeated offenders, and that her ethnicity (African decent) persuaded their decision. She did not get a fair trial. she is appealing their decision right now, and I am going to help. Thank you for your time. God bless!
 When I go visit her in prison she is literally the elephant in the room. she sticks out like a sore thumb. MY mother needs to be home, not in a prision.
Thank you
Tracey Ebhamen



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