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BofA stop Foreclosure on 77 yr old man will die if put on the streets.


My name is Shari Voroba and I care for my 77-year old diabetic father who is trying to save his home of 18 years. We have been trying to work with Bank of America to modify our home loan for over 3 years and have been handed one set back after another.


Two years ago, my father was fired from his job at Wal-Mart over a .49 candy bar. My father’s blood-sugar level was severely low and he needed to balance his count immediately. He decided to buy a candy bar, but unfortunately accidentally purchased it at his own register, which is against company policy. Instead of counseling him or putting him as a greeter they fired him.  Walmart was aware of his medical condition and knew he should not have been on register. Typically, employees are given a warning, or a day off without pay, but for  they decided this was his last day.


Some months later, the recession hit and I was laid off from my job as a bookkeeper at a tax firm as they were beginning to lose several clients. To make matters worse, my car was struck by a drunk driver, which left me with major shoulder, neck and knee injuries, and makes it very hard to find work.


Bank of America claims that they have not received our loan modification documents even when we have followed their submission guidelines to the ‘T’ and used FedEx every time we mail something in. What makes it frustrating is that we never talk to the same person about our case, and none of the bank branches near us handle modifications.

Now again, for the fourth time, we have submitted loan modification paperwork to Bank of America, buthave little reason to believe that they will do right and even process our case.


This is our only home and we have nowhere else to go.


Please stand with me and my father by signing my petition today. Thank you for your support.


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