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Ban all Monsanto owned product.Stop the use of all GMO seeds.

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GMO seeds are genetically modified and there has NEVER been sufficent studies to prove their safety,long term ingestion.Monsanto is using 'mafia like bullying tactics to force farmers all over the world to use their seeds.A study was preformed in a lab(Go to for more info) where a group of rats wre fed only GMO seeded foods and another group fed non GMO's .After the alloted time,the rats were dissected.The GMO rats stunk so bad!And they found that the pesticide coated seeds,and their genetic mutations caused the intestines of the rats to reproduce the pesticide,therfore making the rat a pesticide making organism!The other non GMO rats were perfectly normal.I'll post the list again,on is for future generations.We've already mutated so many of Gods creatures w/ our oil spills,our radiation meltdowns.This is for us all.Make sure your beloved pets eat non GMO fooods.Corn and wheat are the #1 tainted seeds.

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