Award Jordan Haerter and Jonathan Yale the Medal of Honor for Giving Their Lives to Stop a Suicide Bomber

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Marines, Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter and Corporal Jonathan Yale sacrificed their lives to save dozens of people from a suicide bomber while serving in Iraq. Join me in asking President Trump and Congress to honor these two American heroes for their brave actions.

On April 22, 2008 Haerter and Yale were standing guard at a compound housing marines, Iraqi police, and civilians in Ramadi, Iraq when a large truck accelerated towards the compound.  When the truck failed to stop, Jordan and Yale opened fire, slowing the vehicle until the 2,000lb blast rigged inside it exploded and claimed their lives. Because of their valiant efforts, the truck bomber did not make it to the post they were protecting -- saving the lives of the 33 Marines, 21 Iraqi police, and numerous civilians inside the compound.

I grew up in the small town next to Jordan Haerter, and I know his family. When Jordan was killed, it was a shock to all of us here. And as the mother of a son like Jordan’s mother, it really hit home with me. I started this petition because these two American heroes deserve the Medal of Honor in recognition of their sacrifice.

People can receive the Medal of Honor through the military chain of command or be nominated by Congress and presented by the President. If enough people sign this petition, Congress and President Obama will have to hear Corporal Haerter and Corporal Yale’s stories and honor them accordingly.   

Please, join me in asking Congress and President Trump to recognize the final sacrifice of these two brave men with the Medal of Honor.