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Asia-Pacific is NOT a "top priority" of US! Stop spending&troop deployment!

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       Our government has recently established a base in Australia, which is “…being seen as a move to counter China's growing influence.”      

      "The Asia-Pacific region is now a "top priority" of US security policy, President Barack Obama has said in a speech to the Australian parliament...Mr Obama insisted US spending cuts would NOT affect the Asia-Pacific, saying the US is "here to stay"."

       -We are looking to build up to 2,500 Marines in Australia.         

       Oil prospects in the area are encouraging our president to become involved, despite protest that “"If the United States sticks to its Cold War mentality and continues to engage with Asian nations in a self-assertive way, it is doomed to incur repulsion in the region." []    

There are many good reasons why we cannot allow OUR representatives  to go down that path;

1. We need to cut unnecessary government spending


2. If the aim is supposedly to help the Asian countries being harmed by China;

             a. We are stretched thin enough right now 

             b. We cannot control what the whole world does

             c. If help is our goal, this base should be a Humanitarian base instead  


3. History has shown that preparation and suspicion of potential conflict CAN



  4. We’ve seen that going into a country to help citizens often results in further

abuses and confusion within their government as it tries to defend itself.   5. Once a

war starts, it may last for several years, or even decades, with little benefit to citizens,

possible reactionary extremism and lives unnecessarily lost.  


6. This presence may eventually lead to America to be seen as a dangerous enemy,

put our troops at risk and cost many American lives.  


7. We are already militarily involved around the world, WE SHOULD NOT SPEND



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-BBC report:


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