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Save unique Mon Repos park in the North-West Russia until it's too late

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St Petersburg is crying out for help!

Suspicious and alarming actions are currently taking place in Mon Repos park, Vyborg, Russia. The pearl of the North-West, Mon Repos park is being damaged by low-qualified workers covered by corrupted city administration.
The restoration was long awaited in the park, however, it has started with utter barbarism such as cutting down centenarian trees, which constructed the unique scenery of the place. The administration of the park and the companies which carry out the works give either no explanations for reasonability of such actions or their arguments clearly seem trumpery.
What is more, the project owner is involved into numerous corruption scandals, such as the Hermitage restoration: https://realty.newsru.com/article/01Aug2013/glavshtab
The choice of a contractors is also suspicious and obscure. For example, landscape design company «Sacura» which specializes in private territories and has never had any experience of large-scale landscape works. This company was chosen to carry out the works in the park and the question arises- what were the grounds for such a choice.
Such facts are numerous and can only prove, that the money allocated by International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the restoration are predestined to be stolen and laundered.

It’s high time to stop this shameful practice! Right now the citizens of Russia, who do care about the national heritage, address the entire civilized society- help us stop the barbarism! Help us stop corrupted and greedy people destroying the treasure of the whole North-West region. Sign the petition! Make the difference! You can do even more to save Mon Repos:

1 Write to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin


2 Write to the Prosecutor’s Office


3 Write to the Federal Security Service


Demand from them to stop the damage and organize the investigations. The more voices arise from all over theWorld- the more chances Mon Repose has!

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