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Expel MP and Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin from your party

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On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, during a sitting of Parliament, Mrs Alleyne-Toppin made reference to the circumstances surrounding the conception of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. In her statement, she alleged that Dr Rowley's mother had been a victim of sexual assault and it was under these conditions that he was conceived. Not only was this information not relevant to the matter at hand, it was also intrusive to the members of the Rowley family, and displayed a lack of sensitivity to the feelings of the alleged victim. 

In our society, where sexual crimes are commonplace, and where women especially live in constant fear of rape and assault, it is important that victims of these crimes are not shamed by the very people elected to protect their rights. Victims are not to be used as political propaganda, and victims' rights to withhold their stories must be respected. It is likewise important that members of parliament show respect for all citizens, but in particular those who are most vulnerable.

I have formed this petition to ask that Ms Alleyne-Toppin be expelled from your party. I believe her statements are an affront to the Rowley family, the victims of sexual violence, and the integrity of our society as a whole. 

Thank you for signing, 

Guyanne Wilson (Dr)

The picture I used was taken from the Trinidad Express website, and accessed at 2:22 pm on 26.03.2015.

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