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WHEREAS, the right to life is basic to man; and, in the furtherance of life, man must live in a healthy environment;

WHEREAS, the trees give life to man; and, the growing of trees takes decades in order to become mature trees that give shade, oxygen, and filter and clean the air for man to breathe;

WHEREAS, fully grown trees enhance the value of a property, as much as they could become an attraction and a destination place, with revenue generation potential;

WHEREAS, sustainable development is being pursued in order to improve the quality of life as well as to allow the environment to support generations of men, including those yet unborn;

WHEREAS, improvement of the road network is undertaken only to provide facilities and infrastructure to enable men to move faster and more conveniently to hasten economic development;

WHEREAS, Government recognizes the importance of trees to sustain life by requiring the replacement of each felled tree with the planting of one hundred seedlings;

WHEREAS, there are ways to work around fully grown-trees without sacrificing or cutting them, while still undertaking economic and infrastructure development;

WHEREAS, while even those unborn generations have been recognized by the State to have the right to be protected as a class, those who are presently alive have as much right to live in a life-sustaining environment;

WHEREAS, we, the people, now assert our right to a balanced , healthful ecology and sound environment by expressly protecting our right for self-preservation and self-perpetration with each signature and expression of agreement with this petition against the cutting of fully-grown trees as part of the government’s road right of way determination for its infrastructure programs;

STOP CUTTING FULLY-GROWN TREES. Each tree cut takes us back at least 25 years without the benefit of cool shade, attractive standing trees, and barriers against typhoons and soil erosion, as well as the source of oxygen that we breathe to live.

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