Stop Racial Discrimination of Black Entrepreneurs Seeking State Land Leases in S Africa

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Go back to Soweto!!’ Say some WHITE residents of Hartbeespoort to BLACK Business People applying to LEASE STATE OWNED LAND in Hartbeespoort in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The WHITE community sees Hartbeespoort as their own.

In response we the undersigned  having been DISENFRANCHISED and DISPOSSESSED of OUR land for centuries SAY:

"The Expropriation of Land without Compensation Policy must and should PROCEED without DELAY and MUST include a clause that must  EXCLUDE White People from ACCESSING STATE OWNED LAND through state Leases given the current land situation in South Africa. State Land Leases must be a preserve for the previously disadvantaged,  Otherwise the whole proposed LAND POLICY will be nothing but a fuss".

 Did you Know?

 1. Did you know that some resorts or the majority of picnic spots on the Hartbeespoort Dam shoreline are built on state land? Yes the very land where you pay to enter and enjoy your Saturday or Sunday  afternoon whilst in Hartbeespoort or around other prominent dams in the country. You got me right, I am talking about  the very beautiful scenic spots around the Hartbeespoort Dam where people of colour are sometimes or often treated with disdain and contempt like second class citizens whose money is of no value. The very town where people of colour are denied the right to rent certain advertised houses simply because such houses are a preserve of one race. The very town where tourists of colour are denied entry into certain establishments because of the melanin in their skin.

2. Armed with the knowledge about the availability of state land leases, a few years ago some black business people submitted applications to lease portions of land situated on the foreshore of the Hartbeespoort Dam from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), who are the custodians of state land around Dams in South Africa. These pieces of land are currently occupied by select white business people with no valid leases or expired leases in the main, especially in the town of Hartbeespoort. For a long time this was a best kept secret, so landing that information was very valuable, valuable only if one used that information wisely.

3. What followed their applications is of socio- economic and political grave concern. 

 4. Year in and year out following delay after delay  to issue the said state leases resulted in one black applicant  moving onto his land after obtaining permission to do so by the DWS. The gods of the African child must have rejoiced on that occassion for land means a world to us. The spirit of Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Mama Albertina Sisulu, Mama Lillian Ngoyi, and others who died fighting for land must have felt alive and content with the struggle when this happened. While you are still feeling victory,  let's go back a little bit - going back is always important to remember that white people are and have been operating resorts, boat businesses (including the very one where 4 black lives were lost in a boat fire in 2016). Do you remember that incident? All recreational  businesses do not have valid leases and/or permission to be on state land around the same shoreline of the  Hartbeespoort Dam. For as long as this was a preserve of a select few this was not a problem. Let's move on, so now remember one of the first ever black applicants moved onto state owned land in early March 2018 and that the African gods rejoiced. Hold on to that thought for now.

5. However, this triumphant victory was to be short lived. The local community newspaper (The Kormorant owned and published by Caxton) ran two successive articles designed to provoke the white community of Hartbeespoort into action by resisting any occupation of state land by all and any black applicants for state leases.  To achieve their objective the newspaper simply had to publish unsubstantiated news that would anger the white community into actionable drive- mode. Some disgruntled and fuming community elements first organised  and mounted a campaign by vandalising the young black developers structures and plants,  operating in the cover of night just like Nichodemus in the bible. They nichodemously  attacked by night. This was followed by racial slurs, insults, use of the derogatory K-word and demands that he go back to Soweto, alleging that his presence in their sacred enclave would increase crime. Finally they made demands that the black occupier (dare I repeat his colour - the black occupier) who is the only black occupier at the moment must produce the following;

- Property description of the area affected

- Zoning Certificate

- Environmental Impact Assessment Report from Environmental Authority

- Full scope of development and authorisation

 See full details (

Having been given the background to this racially charged situation in Hartbeespoort we urge you to join us today to lobby, and rally the South African government to get involved in this situation.

We demand that;

a. The DWS and all state departments must immediately STOP any further issuing of leases of state owned land to racist (Hartebeespoort in particular) white applicants in line with the policy of expropriation of white owned land without compensation

b. That continuing to issue white applicants leases on state land defeats the whole purpose of land redress being contemplated in the expropriation of land without compensation as announced by President Ramaphosa and the ANC.

c. That we demand a STOP to racism in Hartbeespoort and demand fair treatment as equals. We say no to racism in Hartbeespoort and in all other places in South Africa.

d. That the Department of Water and Sanitation remove from their land any business  found guilty of racial discrimination.

e. That all white-run businesses on the shores of the Hartbeespoort Dam must immediately produce the above as demanded of black land applicants failing which they must cease all operations effective immediately:

We do not believe in racial based behaviour and conduct. We believe in a South Africa where black and whites must coexist side by side in harmony but in a situation like the one prevailing in Hartbeespoort we must respond loud and clear that whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!


We will be making a written formal submission to the below Parliamentary Process

(The Joint Constitutional Review Committee has called for written public submissions on the review of section 25 of the Constitution and other sections where necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation.
This comes after the National Assembly in concurrence with the National Council of Provinces mandated the Constitutional Review Committee to propose the necessary constitutional amendments where applicable with regards to the kind of future land tenure regime needed.
As part its constitutional obligation to facilitate public participation, the committee invites written submissions from all stakeholders on the necessity of and mechanisms for expropriating land without compensation. In addition to the written submission, please indicate your interest in making an oral presentation to the committee.
The closing date for written submissions and requests for oral presentation is Thursday, 31 May 2018. Enquiries and written submissions can be addressed to Ms Pat Jayiya, Committee Section, PO Box 15, Cape Town 8000, email, tel (021) 403-3661, fax 086 465 0678, cell 081 441 0345. Hand delivered submissions can be submitted at W/S 091, 3rd Floor, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town.)


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