Justice for a young girl who died in the hands of rogue Matatu conductors

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The last stretch of her life 's journey brought her to Nairobi,a vast city she had never seen before.A 20 year old girl who could be anyone 's daughter.Her name was Doreen Kinya.She had navigated twenty years of life dreaming of a great future as an ICT expert.On June 12,2018 ,she enrolled at NIBs college for a Certificate course in ICT.On the early evening of June 13,2018,only a day in college she met her tragic death on Thika superhighway.Multiple witness accounts corroborate that she was pushed from from a fast moving bus,reg No:KCC 021A branded Zamzam.She had boarded from NIBS college at Juja.The touts of the bus, ran away after pushing her to her death.A motorist driving behind the bus caught attention of the incidence,pulled by the side of the highway and rushed where the girl lay in fits for her life,soaked in a congealing pool of her own blood.She had visible forehead and hand injuries.The good Samaritan had hoped to save her life but it was too late. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at Uhai Neema Hospital.The hospital declined to take the body.The good Samaritan took the body to Kasarani Police station,and ordered to leave the compound. Later the body was booked at City mortuary.

Autopsy results indicated that Doreen's skull broke  after falling off the bus.'Her left arm was broken while her face and arms had bruises resulting from the impact with the tarmac'  Daily Nation reports.

Five days-by time of this writing,after the girl was pushed to her death ,from a fast moving vehicle,the suspected murderers have not been arraigned in court of law.The family is in dark eclipse concerning the police investigations. The father who slurs in pain describes Doreen as obedient, humble, gentle,brilliant and ambitious.He blankly stares ,tears well up in the misty eyes of the 63 year old, chokes with words and asks 'will my daughter get justice?

By signing this petition you are demanding speedy justice for Doreen whose life has been snuffed at the flower of her age.You are telling the actors in the interior coordination and transport sector to swiftly put in place a policy that will bring  civility,sanity,sustainable order and safety on our roads.You are demanding the sector sanitizes our roads where women,young college girls,the general public ,for days on end is viciously  brutalized, harassed and robbed by a crop of crminals masquerading as conductors.You are hoping that the fierce speeding metallic monsters of death-PSVs will not claim yet another Kenyan.You are hoping a kin,a friend,a fellow citizen will return home in the evening in  'one piece' ,and brimming with life.You are saving the Nation from the cliff it precariously hangs on ,you are thwarting a precipice of carnage and more deaths on our roads.Your signature is a light that will shine in the dusk.You are dawn of hope,you are ending a dark eclipse of deathly groans on our road.Thank you.