Close Down Gambaga "Witches" Camp

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Lisbeth Salifu
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Short history about Gambaga Witches camp.( source of brief history Wikipedia)

Gambaga Witch camp is a segregated community within Gambaga township in the Northern Region of Ghana established in the 18th century to accommodate alleged witches who are banished from their communities.

The camp has about 25 round huts, and holds about 100 women. No health services or indoor plumbing are available.

Many women in Ghana's witch camps are widows and it is thought that relatives accused them of witchcraft in order to take control of their husbands' possessions. Other old women in the camp have been accused of using black magic (juju) to cause misfortunes in their community".

I am writing to bring this issue in the forefronts of all stakeholders, please whether local or international let's come to the aid of these innocent widows. Let's give them hope, let's help reunite them with their families. I know it will not be easy, this is a camp that has exited for over 40years now, its becomes a business centre for some I guess. But I have hope anything is possible.

Assuming any of these women are a sister, aunt, mother, or a wife of yours. Will you be happy seeing them where they are currently? Do you know how it feels to live without your love ones? Do you know how they survive? Imagine the emotional trauma of being labeled a Witch?

These women deserved better treatment. They deserved better love and empathy. With we will close down this camp. Please I need you to sign this petition and say NO to such injustice and this barbarian act so we can reunite these women with their families once  again.

Please sign for your sister, your aunt, your mother and wife.  Together we can make a change. 

Thank you so much for your signatures!