Vacation seats ,for Ngatjizeko for been absent from the parliament for more than 100days.

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Cde Immanuel Ngatjizeko was appointed as Minister of Presidential Affairs by President. At that press conference it was announced by the President that he appointed Ngatjizeko to be Minister in State House because “he was sick and therefore Geingob would monitor him.” Well eventually and it was only less than 3 weeks after that appointment Hon. Immanuel Ngatjizeko decided to resign on medical grounds or may be out of embarrassment or anger.

But then it was reported that the President and his Harambee slate told Ngatjizeko that “even if you are sick please don’t resign from parliament otherwise my enemies will come to parliament such as Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun.” Today as we speak Ngatjizeko has been absent for over 100 days now from parliament and as per parliament rules one must be absent not more than 10 times. Article 48 [Vacation of Seats]

1. Members of the National Assembly shall vacate their seats:

5 .if they are absent during sittings of the National Assembly for ten (10) consecutive sitting days, without having obtained the special leave of the National Assembly on grounds specified in its rules and standing orders.

Scholars, Parliamentarians, members of the public, YOUTH, SWAPO members and voters are all mute watching this anti-Namibian tactics and abuse of power against a woman! Dr. Namundjebo –Tilahun was given a mandated to represent her people in parliament. On the list of those who must go to parliament she is the next person! Wake up!