"Fish rot" culprits must be trialed, and serve prison terms if found guilty.

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The Namibian people have been robbed by there representatives for the last time.

Food has been taken out of our children mouths, Medical Facilities have are dilapidated and under stocked, our education system can barely sustain itself and our unemployment is at its highest since independence and this is largely due to the disease of corruption that is plaguing our current leadership and setting the wrong example for our future leadership.

Namibia is currently in a deficit with regard to our GDP to Debt ratio and have not been able to receive tax from fishing quota since 2012 to the account of an estimated N$6,300,000,000.00 over the past 6 years from profits made by the company involved to an estimated tune of between 70-90 Billion per year since the corruption and handing out of free fishing quotas by our representatives.

A fine for these types of wrong doings will not be sufficient, our President and judicial system must make it clear that corruption, regardless of which corridor it comes from, public or private sector must be punished to the full extent of the law. A criminal is a criminal, whether he sits on the streets or in parliament. 

Citizens Counsel