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Stop Cast Based Reservation in Jobs in India; It is an injustice to talented youths.

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The cast based reservation in jobs was implemented by Mandal Commission in 1992. That time hundreds of youth sacrificed their life to remove the implementations of Mandal Commission.

Initially the reservation was implemented only for 10 years, but later on for taking political mileage the ruling parties and political leaders made several amendments in Indian constitution for continuing reservation in job and promotions.

Now this reservation is killing talented and qualified youths of general category and destroying their life. Reservation is also causing harm to India as less talented people are becoming Teachers in Colleges, Professors in Universities, Scientists, Doctors, Police Officers etc.

Talented youth of general category are either forced to leave the country to find a job in other countries or working in private companies or just remain jobless if they stay in India.     

This reservation is becoming the biggest cause for the destruction of talented youth of general category and may unstable India later or sooner.

I request everyone to sign my petition and  ask the President of India, the Indian Government,  and the Supreme Court of India to end this reservation system.

The unprivileged people may be given scholarships for better educations, number of sets may be increased in universities or colleges, coaching facilities may be provided instead of reservation to the people who are enjoying reservation.

But now we should ask our government to stop this reservation.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Asvene Sharma

Ph.D., Young Scientist Award (SERB, DST, Govt of India)

Postdoc. Scientist, Cancer Research (SUMC, China)

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